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A message from Anonymous
you are so talented! i love your work so much omg, it's absolutely perfect and inspires me so much (especially jily omg). if you don't mind, can i ask for art advice? whenever i draw guys they always end up looking girly. do you have any tips on how to draw guys? aha sorry i was just wondering — thank you for reading this! you're absolutely brilliant, i hope you know that.
A reply from batcii

Ahjshkjfff thank you so much darling! No problem at all, I’m always happy to answer questions! Here are a few basic little things! I mostly focus on faces, if you want anatomy tips, let me know. Hope you can read my handwriting! :D




Hope this helps!!


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Anon asked for my OCs and palettes 39, 62 and 59 :)


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